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What is my laser? Compact laser (CL) ? What are scientific names for them?
ANS: My laser is a concept launched by the group of Doctors, Engineers and Patients from india and abroad. This Group is working continuously to create awareness and register new developments regarding “Laser Therapy” for those doctors & patients in India. Whereas Compact Laser is a product brand owned by a company named Silberbauer India, major Supplier of Low Level Laser Therapy equipments in India. Regarding the therapy, we have also confirmed the term LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy). LPLT (Low Power Laser Therapy) is also used.
What is Biostimulation?
ANS: "Biostimulating laser". Compact Lasers also works as Biostimulating Laser. The laser light thus, energy is transferred to tissue is the product of laser output power and time, which is normally measured in J (Joules). That is why, a "low-power laser", over a long time of irradiation, can actually emit a large amount of Joules. There are many more known names to these equipments and the therapy also. In a country like India, language changes after every 50 /60 Kms. Shall we try to find a simple name like “my laser” or “compact laser”. As it is obvious that the question of nomenclature / terminology is difficult to solve but easy to understand and accept.
Scientific documents are available on Laser Therapy?
ANS: Sure. There are several double-blind studies confirming the clinical effect of Compact Laser in India conducted by Indian doctors. Where as world wide more than 2500 research reports are published. Only dental literature (370 studies). Also in India we do accept the clinical importance of Compact laser.
Where can I get those documents?
ANS: The book "Laser Therapy - clinical practice and scientific background" is the best reference guide for literature documentation. Also we have listed more books published world wide on this page specially for our Indian Doctors and Patients.
We heard that there are several failures in India with laser treatment?
ANS: That is true of course. But one has to understand, not to take any laser and irradiate for any length of time using any technique. However, as with every treatment, what matters is the dignisis, dosage, treatment technique and individual reaction. At the same time technical specification of the equipments such as wave length, output power etc. are important. Remember every red light is not a laser light. Choosing appropriate manufacture and training from them is also important.
Which type of lasers can be used in medicine?
ANS: There are many other types, but those mentioned here are common.
Ruby 694 nm p holograms, tattoo coagulation
Nd:YAG 1 064 nm p coagulation
Ho:YAG 2 130 nm p surgery, root canal
Er:YAG 2 940 nm p surgery, dental drill
KTP/532 532 nm p/c dermatology
Alexandrite 720-800 nm p bone cutting

Semiconductor lasers:
GaAs 904 nm p biostimulation
GaAlAs 780-820-870 nm c biostimulation, surgery
InGaAlP 630-685 nm c biostimulation

Liquid laser:
Dye laser (tuneable) p kidney stones
Rhodamine: 560-650 nm c/p PDT, dermatology,

Gas lasers:
HeNe 633, 3 390 nm c biostimulation
Argon 350-514 nm c dermatology, eye
CO2 10 600 nm c/p dermatology, surgery
Excimer 193, 248, 308 nm p eye, vascular surgery
Copper vapour 578 nm c/p dermatology

>> Table of Laser available
Can Compact Lasers damage the eye?
ANS: Yes up to a certain extent! We recommend that every person using laser equipment should receive “laser safety” training well before the actual equipment of his own. Angle of divergence, percentage collimation of output laser beam, type of (optics) used by the manufacturer plays a role in causing such damages, whereas the output power, wavelengths are common factors to be considered. More the output power more damages can be caused. Importantly when we talk about IR Compact Laser, the laser beam is actually not visible to the necked eyes but still we should use protective eye wear. These glasses are designed for particular wavelength having specific optical density, colors etc. CE mark is a must. Few companies have introduced safety glasses even for kids. International standard equipment carry classification mark on it. This is important to know before we start using such equipment. More information on this can be provided by us upon request.
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