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FAQ -Find Perfect Laser Equipment

How do I know which laser I should buy?
ANS: In India, the laser equipments' market is very complicated and full of confusions. How do we know which instruments are good? What is the cost of equipment? What is the buying cost and running cost? Will it be expensive in the long run to buy something cheap?
It is easy for a skilful salesman, (who is pretending to know much more about the field than the customer) to make you a proud owner of just a light which is red in colour.
Ask the salesman and yourself and Know where you stand
  • What is your discipline?
  • What are the applications you are looking for?
  • How to identify if it is a laser or merely red light?
  • Is the salesman well trained and really has the knowledge or only the information?
  • Is it a manufacturer, dealer, agent or a company, you are dealing with?
  • Do they have after sales service support? technical at the first place?
  • Is the sales person a qualified doctor, medical representative of Pharmaceutical Company, biomedical engineer or just a skilled salesman? What would you prefer?
  • What are the other product they have ? Are they specialized in Laser only?
  • How many equipments they have sold in India so far ? Are they new?
  • Did you talk directly with their end-user before buying?
  • What is the price “structure” ?
  • Do they have any tie-up for finance schemes specially for Doctors, etc.?
  • Laser safety training offered is from a certified person. What is thecost ?
  • Do they offer any buy-back facility in future for up-gradation?
  • Are they willing to buy back your present old laser of another company?
If you have any more questions, we will be happy to answer them and help you in making a decision.

Important :
WAVELENGTH is directly related with your application. So try to study & understand which wavelength you need. Refer to our light spectrum and table of lasers available.


This is normally directly proportionate with the cost but that would depend on the manufacturer. Inversely proportionate with treatment time.

CW / Cont. it it a continuous wave type or PULSED one. Which one do you need and why?

Let us help you more in choosing your own My-laser
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